A.  Choose the right Journal for your Research

Worried about choosing the right journal to publish your article? Use the checklist at Think - Check - Submit to help you determine if a particular journal is right for you!


B. Sites You Can Use To Check If a Journal or Publisher is Predatory


Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

Check the list of COPE members. If a journal isn't predatory, the publisher should be a member. "COPE is a forum for editors and publishers of peer reviewed journals to discuss all aspects of publication ethics."

Check the DOAJ's extensive list of open access journals. Although they can't guarantee that no publisher or journal on their lists is predatory, they attempt to include only high quality journals and publishers.

Check the list of OASPA members to see if the publisher is listed. If a journal isn't predatory, the publisher should be a member of the OASPA.

Check to see if the journal is listed on this list of potential predatory journals maintained by Stop Predatory Journals.

Check this list of publishers maintained by Stop Predatory Journals

Although this site won't identify a journal as predatory, it rates journals published in the southern hemisphere. It is a work in progress. To find journals that have already been evaluated, click on the Assessed Journals link at the top of the page.

A list of "predatory, parasitic, or pseudoscientific publishers and journals" put together by a theoretical physicist.

This is an archived version of Beall's List. This list has NOT been maintained or updated since January 2017.

There are often updates/posts on ResearchGate about the credibility of publishers or journals. An example is on the link.


C. Other Guides to Predatory Journals and Publishers










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