The Master of Science in Computer-Based Information Systems (MSc.CIS) programme prepares candidates to become specialists in the Information Technology (IT) to meet the needs of modern business, especially at the middle and senior levels of organisations. It is designed to address the increasing demand in the work place for IT professionals with a wide range of technical skills and the capacity to offer support in the implementation of IT-based solutions in a business environment.


The course is a conversion course structured to focus on issues surrounding the development, implementation and management of Information Systems. Courses focusing on applied computer skills are emphasised to address the needs of candidates from various backgrounds who wish to build a career in the Information Technology field. Alternatively, it would allow candidates to continue in the exercise of their previous professional or academic fields enhancing their competitiveness by applying the latest IT developments to their work.


Candidates are prepared to work as Data Management personnel, Systems Support personnel, System Designers and Developers, middle and senior level Managers in IT departments, and also as organisational managers who understand IT. Alternatively, candidates may further their previous careers with a strong understanding of how IT can be suitably applied in their own disciplines.


Why study MSc.CIS ?

  • The programme is relevant and well focused for many people who complete a non-IT first degree and then wish to develop a career in the information technology area. MSc.CIS provides a good advanced training for those who want to enter the IT profession after completing various undergraduate degree courses.
  • The programme also provides a valuable opportunity to various professionals, including lawyers, doctors, engineers, educators, among others who would wish to acquire IT skills and knowledge to help them enhance their professions.

Target groups

The target group is university graduates who have attained the minimum qualifications and have an interest in starting a career in Information Technology or wish to add value to their professions through the new technologies, notably IT. Specifically, the programme is open to:

  • First degree holders from various universities in non-IT areas, with an interest in developing a career in information technology.
  • Professionals in other disciplines, already working in industry, who have an interest in developing a career in information technology or enhancing their IT knowledge.
  • First degree holders in Information Technology or related fields who wish to advance their qualifications for various reasons for possible pursuit of further studies to the doctoral levels.

 Programme Objectives

The MSc.CIS Programme is set to help students progressing from undergraduate degree course appreciate concepts and tools in information technology (IT) and be able to use IT appropriately for their professional work while others may find it appropriate to change their careers into the IT field.

 The MSc.CIS programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide a coherent and broad training in information systems and the underlying technology needed to design, implement and manage information systems in organisations.
  • To help students acquire the skills and the ability to evaluate business computer systems requirements and develop solutions from model professional and technical perspectives.
  • To prepare students to apply the principles learnt in the performance of their duties in the workplace.
  • To prepare candidates for progression to higher levels of education, to as high as doctoral levels.

Entry Requirements

 The following are eligible for admission into the Master of Science in Computer-BasedInformation Systems (MSc.CIS) programme:

  • Holders of First Class or Upper Second Class Honors degrees in any discipline from recognized universities; or
  • Holders of other related qualifications from recognized universities, considered by the Academic Council as equivalent to a First Class or Upper Second Class degree in any discipline; or
  • Holders of Lower Second Class degrees plus two year working experience and Postgraduate Diplomas or Certificates;

Programme Structure

The MSc.CIS programme is based on coursework, examinations, and a project and consists of twenty two (22) units divided into thirteen(13) core (methodological & analytical) units, three (3) required (leadership) units, two (2) IT elective courses units and a project/dissertation equivalent to four (4) units.


Programme Duration

MSc.IS runs for a period of two academic years, divided into six semesters (on a part-time basis) of sixteen (16) weeks each.


Programme Start Dates

The programme starts in May every year


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