Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Buying Work Boots

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes is never an easy thing- especially for those of you who’ll end up in engineering or a similar career path. While it can be fun to browse different models and brands, things can be a little confusing for inexperienced buyers. There are certain errors that running shoe buyers tend to make whenever they make the purchase. Your goal is to avoid these mistakes so you can make the most of your money and really get the right pair.

Here are some important reminders you can follow the next time you pay a visit to your local shoe stores:

1. Going for "function" instead of "fashion"

One thing you should avoid is to picking work boots merely because you liked their design. While staying stylish is undeniably important for many runners, function should never be sacrificed for fashion. So do your best to resist the temptation of purchasing a pair simply because you find it attractive. Some buyers have had the bad experience of buying a good-looking pair only to realize later on that the shoe doesn't really fit their running style or their arch type. The materials used in creating the shoes are crucial, too, so never overlook these factors.

2. Choose the right size

Remember the true purpose why you need to acquire shoes in the first place - working.

As such, you need to go with shoes that fit you comfortably. Something that's too small or too big can affect your performance in the work place. It is highly recommended to try different sizes on even if you are already sure about your shoe size. Besides, it doesn't automatically mean that the size 10 in Adidas is exactly the same as Nike's. This can be particularly challenging if you are doing your shopping online. In such cases, your safest bet is to check out information from their measuring chart. That way, you can still be guaranteed that you'll receive exactly what you want without having to go through the hassle of returning the package several times.

3. Ask for available discounts

There's definitely nothing wrong with asking - especially if you are a member of a local running club.

Do not hesitate to inquire if the store in consideration provides discounts. These days, there are a lot of good shoe stores that offer special deals for many running clubs. You'll be surprised to discover that you can actually save about 10 to 20% off the product's original price tag.

Overall, your work is as inspiring as the shoes you wear. If you’re looking for the best work boots, try reading enough guides and practicing the tips out there. 

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